Raspberry Passion Tea Smoothie

My love affair with smoothies goes back pretty far. Perhaps my first smoothie experience was when I was a 6th grade dance competition performer. I had just gotten done performing my pom-pom routine at the Saint Paul RiverCentre, where there was a huge dance competition whose name was probably something along the lines of “Next Star.” There was this random smoothie stand called Maui Wowi Smoothies, and I decided the fruity, icy strawberry drink looked really good. So I got one, and it was amazing.

After that, I was a fan of smoothies in general, provided they were more fruity than creamy, but every time I would run into a Maui Wowi, there would be no question that I’d order one. Pricey, maybe, but so rare and delicious. I couldn’t get enough Maui Wowi.

The closest substitute I found to these awesome smoothies was a smoothie at Jamba Juice, the particular name of which escapes me right now. But it just snowed today for the first time this year (!!) and Jamba happens to be several blocks away. That didn’t stop my smoothie craving tonight, so I decided to put some sorority house staples to use and attempt to mimic my favorite smoothie. It turned out so well that I had to record it here to share with all of you.


1 cup orange juice
1 (6-ounce) container raspberry yogurt
1 mashed banana
1 cup ice
1 packet Tazo Passion Tea


1. Blend orange juice, yogurt, banana and 1/2 cup ice in a blender or a blender bottle.

2. Brew tea.

3. Toss out the tea bag and pour brewed tea into smoothie.

4. Add the remaining 1/2 cup of ice and blend.

Serves 1


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